“I would absolutely recommend you to other parents debating if they want or need a college advisor! You took the stress out of the entire process for me… Working with you allowed my son to truly own his own college process from start to finish.”
– Mom and Dad of a University of Oregon undergrad

“I was very happy with the schools Ellen researched and presented for me because they all felt very suitable to my personality and my wishes. I really felt like Ellen took the time to pay attention to everything I said about my ideal college and carefully crafted a list of colleges for me to look at in accordance with my desires.”
– Reed College student (San Mateo High School graduate)

“I enjoyed working with you Ellen, because of the relaxed but serious, straight-forward business nature of our meetings and calls. Working with you helped me feel like I was on track with my college stuff and I enjoyed being on a time schedule. It was a relief to know I had guidance along the way, step-by-step.”
– A graduate who was accepted at 15 of the 17 universities to which he applied

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How I Connect with You!

College4u provides high school and transfer students and their families with expert guidance and consulting, enabling them to navigate the college selection, preparation, and admissions process successfully.

  • The College4u process is sharply focused, completely personalized, and based on a long history of expertise and success working with students and colleges.
  • Our philosophy is that college coaching is MORE than just about the preparation, application, and acceptance process – it’s about finding the perfect match for you!

Finding the Perfect Match

At College4u, our primary focus is helping students find schools that will give them the best overall college experience. This means a successful, exciting, and personally rewarding growth experience, as well as a relevant set of academic accomplishments in college – and graduating is always important too! We love to work face-to-face with our students, but we are fully equipped to work “virtually” as well, which we do with many of our clients both in the United States and internationally. At College4u we hold ourselves accountable for more than just helping you get into college – we make it our duty to help you find and gain admittance to the RIGHT college for you!

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