“Ellen worked well with [my son] and was able to get him to complete all tasks without any parent involvement. She made the entire college application process painless.”

- Mom of a 2016 High School Graduate who is going to UC Santa Barbara in the Fall

“What I liked best about the College4u service is that Ellen has a straight direct approach with no “sugarcoating” or wrong expectations. And other parents would want the College4u service because it makes a parent’s life so much easier and less stressful during the process.”

- Mom of a 2014 High School Graduate

“College counselors at school can be helpful, but I found that it was REALLY helpful to have someone who knew me, knew which schools I was applying to, and who I could email constantly about my essays and applications. Ellen helped me find schools that were great matches for me, and she helped edit my essays so that they were the best they could be.”

- A 2009 High School Graduate who attended LMU

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The following is a sampling of consulting services provided by College4u:

  • Exploring education options
  • Consulting on testing and prep for testing, potentially recommending additional coaching
  • Orchestrating College Tours and accompanying students on tour if requested
  • Skills coaching for interviewing when meeting admission directors
  • Facilitating financial considerations including FAFSA & CSS
  • Developing ‘ Best Fit’ options based on specific research
  • Teaching the student how to analyze the options and develop a ‘Best Fit’ schools list
  • Providing guidance for completing admissions applications
  • Developing a timeline to help students stay organized and on-task
  • Consulting on final decisions after acceptances are in

The college admissions process is surprisingly complicated, and can be difficult to navigate on one’s own. Making matters even more difficult, the rules of the game are changing constantly, and there is no universal guidebook to help students on their path. That’s why it makes sense to have a coach that has built a track record of success with a proven system. By partnering with College4u, families can assure the best possible outcome for their student.

The Process

The following is a sampling of activities that take place while working with College4u:

9th Grade
  • Review & potentially adjust courses
  • Create an “Awards & Activities” Diary
  • Brainstorm and determine community service opportunities and experience
  • Discuss extra curricular and summer options
10th Grade
  • Determine testing options – PLAN, SAT, ACT, etc.
  • Consider potential Honors & AP coursework
  • Visit and tour ‘representative’ colleges
11th Grade
  • Create a schedule for testing
  • Research and learn how to find ‘Best Fit’ schools
  • Engage in assessments that help you know who you are and your direction going forward
  • Investigate financial options
  • Participate in College Tours
11th Grade Summer
  • Learn how to complete the College Essay ‘End to End’
  • Determine short list for ‘Best Fit’ schools
  • Consider Early Decision & Early Action potential
  • Engage in mock interviews for reference request & interviews
12th Grade
  • Facilitate essay finalization
  • Assist with final decision process
  • Advise and support every phase of the application process
College Transfers
  • Evaluate college transcript
  • Develop college checklist for application based on requirements and transferable credits
  • Evaluate high school profile if needed
  • Advise and support every phase of the application process