“Ellen understood the process. She had a clear plan from the beginning of the summer to when the applications were due. It was nice to have my applications done early and not to have to worry.”
– Villanova undergrad

“One of the things I loved best about working with Ellen is that she is there for us 100% of the time. She pushed me to do my best but was also there for me on an emotional level during the stressful process. I also want students to know that Ellen is always there to answer literally any question, but she also helps you learn answers on your own! It makes the whole process so much less stressful.”
– Emory University graduate (transferred from Oxford College)

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At College4u we work closely with you and your child to review and evaluate the many available options for continuing education after high school and during the college transfer process. Here are some of the many considerations and goals we’ll address:
  • The ‘Short List’ – we work closely with each student to identify a list of top school choices based on individual preferences.
  • Majors & Minors – we facilitate the decision points around choosing a course of study, as well as undeclared alternatives.
  • Applications & Essays – we have years of experience helping students craft meaningful, articulate, and successful applications and admissions essays.
  • High School Curriculum – we provide consulting on high school course options, community service opportunities, and extra curricular activities to help maximize each student’s potential.
  • Financial Aid – we help you assess your financial considerations and advise on how to obtain the aid you need.
  • Resources – we can also suggest separate organizations to assist in test preparation and/or general education tutoring.
  • College Visits – we carefully plan and arrange college visits so that the student and family get the most out of their experience. Ellen is also available to accompany students on college visits!
  • The Full Package – we take pride on guiding our students through the entire college investigation and determination process. We provide an comprehensive service, and we recommend that students begin working with us as soon as possible – freshman year is ideal to start planning early!

Today, finding the right match for a student’s college experience can be a complex and overwhelming process. At College4u, our goal is to simplify this process so that you get the best possible outcome. So join the College4u team, and let us help you find the school that’s right for you!